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Substitute Professor

PD Dr.-Ing. Christoph Held

Christoph Held studied Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University and graduated in 2007. His Ph.D. thesis “Thermodynamics of biological solutions” under supervision of Prof. Gabriele Sadowski was awarded with the EFCE award for Thermodynamics and Transport properties. After his Ph.D. study, Christoph Held taught and studied thermodynamics of bioreactions, for which he received the habilitation degree in 2017. He has been leading the group “Biothermodynamics and Bioreactions” at the laboratory of Thermodynamics at TU Dortmund University. The group is investigating thermodynamics of reactions and of separations, especially for molecules of low molecular weight and for charged species (electrolytes). Christoph Held is now additionally involved in research on reactive separations with membranes and on reactive separations with rotating machines.


Publications by PD Dr.-Ing. Christoph Held




Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering

laboratory of fluid separations

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