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Fakultät BCI

On the campus

The laboratory of fluid separations is on the northern part of the campus, more precisely in building G2. There is a direct connection to Emil-Figge-Straße via gateway  “Einfahrt 10“.

Northern part of the campus “Campus Nord”

Starting at local train ("S-Bahn") station “Dortmund Universität” you take the stairway and move parallelly to the university library in the direction of the "Mensa" (canteen), the huge orange-red building. You are passing the mensa building on the left side and cross “Martin-Schmeisser-Platz” with the fountain where you reach a second stairway, which leads you to the square in front of the building HG II (“Hörsaalgebäude II"). 50 meters forward you see a huge red gearwheel, where you turn right to go to building G2. You will find the laboratory of fluid separations on the 6th floor.

An overview of the nothern part of the campus can be found here.

Southern part of the campus “Campus Süd”

If you are starting at the southern part of the campus you take a local train called “H-Bahn” to station “Campus Nord”. Just turn left in front of the station and follow the way described above, starting at the "Mensa" (canteen) building.