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Fakultät BCI

Experimental facilities

Due to computer-aided simulations carried out at the laboratory of fluid separations, experimental investigations of specific phenomena and model validation are necessary. Therefore, we have manifold experimental facilities at our laboratory.

Experimental facilities and investigations

  • Distillation: DN 50 pilot-scale column
  • Distillation under centrifugal forces: rotating packed bed to investigate conventional and reactive separation processes
  • Hybrid separation processes: combination of a distillation column and a membrane system (pervaporation/ vapour permeation) in pilot-scale
  • Membrane systems for  characterization of membranes for pervaporation, vapour permeation and organophilic nanofiltration
  • Absorption: 3 absorption columns at various scales in combination with desorption column and humidifyer
  • Membrane contactor: Investigation of membrane-solvent systems and their performance for different unit operations
  • Membrane adsorption: ÄKTApurifier for purification of proteins in preparative scale
  • Extraction: 15-stage mixer-settler unit for investigation of ionic liquids and aqueous two phase systems

Analytic facilities

  • gas chromatography
  • ion chromatography
  • high-performance liquid chromatography
  • UV well-plate reader
  • FT-NIR