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Fakultät BCI

Introduction to Fluid Separations

The lecture deals with basic topics of thermal separation processes. Methods for balancing and designing unit operations for thermal separations like continuous and discontinuous distillation, extraction, absorption and adsorption are discussed. The model of a theoretical stage is explained for several unit operations. Basic knowledge and understanding of thermodynamics as well as heat and mass transfer are required. In tutorials the theoretical information is applied to practically relevant tasks.

Current information are available on Moodle: Moodle IFS


General Information:

Lecture IFS (MA PSE)
Credits 2L + 2T
Language English
Module Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
Date winter term


  • Introduction to thermal separation processes
  • Discontinuous distillation
  • Continuous distillation
  • Design of apparatusses for thermal separation processes
  • Absorption
  • Extraction
  • Adsorption