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Fluid Separations

In the lecture Fluid Separations several thermal unit operations are covered. The lecture is build upon the knowledge gained in the lecture “Introduction to Fluid Separation”. This knowledge is refreshed, deepened and extended by considering selected issues of fluid separation operations. During the tutorials, this knowledge is applied to several practically relevant tasks and thus memorized.

Current information are available on Moodle: Moodle FS

General Information:

Lecture FS (MA PSE)
Credits 2L + 1T
Language English
Module FS
Date summer term


Vaporisation, Condensation, Evaporation

  • Vaporisation
  • Condensation
  • Evaporation

Distillation (advanced)

  • Repetition of basics
  • Enthalpy-concentration diagram
  • Special forms of distillation
    • Column with side streams
    • Discontinuous multistage distillation
  • Column sequencing and separation regions
  • Separation of azeotropic mixtures


  • Fundamentals
  • Crystallisation processes
  • Dimensioning of crystallisers

Absorption (advanced)

  • Absorption with solvent recirculation
  • Non-idealities
  • HTU-NTU-Concept
  • Reactive absorption

Membrane Processes

  • Fundamentals
  • Membrane processes
  • Process development
  • Examples

Innovative Separation Processes