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Short Presentation

Dr.-Ing. Habil. J. Maćkowiak is executive director of ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH in Oberhausen since 1989. The company is designing and building turnkey plants, apparatuses and components for thermal separation tasks and sells their products worldwide.

Since 2004 Dr.-Ing. Habil. J. Maćkowiak is assistant lecturer at the laboratory of fluid separations at TU Dortmund University.

© Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jerzy Maćkowiak

Professional career

1970-1976 Study of mathematics at university Wrocław

1975 Ph.D. at the chair of Prof. Ziołkowski –  „Vater der polnischen Verfahrenstechnik “– 

1976 -1984 Scientific staff member at the chair of Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Billet "Thermische Stofftrennverfahren" at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum

1984 Academic director  at this chair with the main task of teaching and research; supervisor of more than 60 Diplom theses and involved in the development of the chair since its establishment in 1976

1989 Executive Director ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH ( former ENVICON)

1991 Habilitation at technical univesity Wrocław.

2010 Nomination as honorary professor of TU Dortmund University


  • Fluiddynamics and mass transfer in tray and packed columns for distialltion, absorption, desorption and gas cooling
  • Humidification and liquid/liquid extraction
  • Thermodynamics of mixtures
  • Behaviour of contactors in non-isobaric processes
  • Heat transfer in packed columns
  • Biological waste gas treatment in biofilters and biological waste water treatment in dived fixed bed reactors


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