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Christoph Noeres

Member of research staff at the laboratory of fluid separations until 2004 in the field of reactive distillation

Doctoral Thesis

Catalytic Distillation: Dynamic Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Validation

Catalytic distillation, the combination of heterogeneously catalysed reaction and multistage distillation, is one of the most important applications of the reactive separation process concept.  In my thesis, a general analysis of steady-state and dynamic catalytic distillation processes is presented, encompassing model development, simulation, and experimental studies.  Experiments conducted in this work cover model parameter identification, such as reaction kinetics and hydrodynamics of catalytic packings, as well as transient catalytic distillation experiments.  Simulation studies were conducted for two different catalytic distillation systems, the synthesis of Me-acetate and the synthesis of di-Et-carbonate.  Based on sensitivity studies this work answers the questions of optimum model complexity with regard to mass transfer, chemical reaction and non-ideal flow behaviour.


TV-2003-T-12 Noeres, C.
  "Catalytic Distillation: Dynamic Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Validation"
  Fortschritt-Berichte VDI (2003)
  ISBN: 3-18-378403-3