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Ulf Brinkmann

Short Presentation

Ulf Brinkmann studied Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University until 2005. The topic of his diploma thesis was "Untersuchungen zur Erhöhung der Ausbeute bei der Aufreinigung des Naturstoffes Ectoin". Subsequently, he started his PhD supervised by Prof. Kenig and worked  as a scientific employee at the laboratory of fluid separations. In 2008, he moved to University of Paderborn to finish his PhD. The topic of his research is “Model development for the design of structured packings in reactive separation processes”.

Member of research staff at the laboratory of fluid separations until September 2008 in the field of reactive separation processes.

© Ulf Brinkmann

Doctoral Thesis

Development of simulation models to design structured packings for reactive separation processes

The main topic of my research is the development of simulation models for reactive separation processes using the hydrodynamic analogy approach.

Currently, simulations for sizing and optimising industrial-scale separation processes (like absorption or reactive distillation) are performed using equilibrium and rate-based models. The hydrodynamic complexity of the mentioned processes makes the description of hydrodynamics and mass transfer phenomena in a purely theoretical way rather impossible . Hydrodynamic analogies have proved to be useful when modelling the distillation of multicomponent mixtures with structured packings in a realistic and physically-based manner.

The objective of my work is to extend these models for the simulation of reactive separation processes. An optimised liquid-phase model is used to simulate physical and chemical absorption. Furthermore, routines describing processes using catalytic internals (reactive stripping, reactive distillation) are developed and implemented.